Rasmelo operates in the food brokerage field, specializing in the supply of processed tomatoes and fruit.
In 2011 Rasmelo entered the dairy business supplying products of Greek origin, including the Authentic Greek Yogurt, Feta Cheese etc. For more information please visit www.rasmelo.gr.

Rasmelo's operations include market research, new product development, consulting, contracting and contract handling.

Rasmelo is currently concluding a great part of the Greek exports on tomatoes, with presence in all three market sectors, retail, foodservice & industry, while continuously expanding its supplying basis in other countries and adding new items in its assortment.

Since its creation, Rasmelo established a valuable reputation for its efficient service and finest products.

Behind all these, our people; people sharing principles, passion and inspiration! People to talk to, people to work together!

We got in our kitchen, we cooked and turned nutrition to Lifestyle! Gourmet your recipe with our unique assortment.

  • Tomato Pelte
  • Special Crush

  • Tomato Wedges & Halves
  • Chunky Diced Tomatoes