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Rasmelo operates in the food brokerage field, specializing in the supply of processed tomato and fruit. Since its creation, Rasmelo, has established a reputation for its service and quality products.

A high skilled team strive constantly to create new opportunities and to develop new products that clients need to succeed in today's competitive markets.

Effective communication and application of innovative software by our shipping department guarantee the smooth execution of our contracts.

Throughout its operation, Rasmelo has established the vision of a trusting and reliable partner in the world market, with a strong presence in the industrial, the foodservice and the retail market. It is a fact that Rasmelo is currently concluding the greatest part of the Greek exports on processed tomatoes, while continuously expanding its supplying basis in other countries and adding new items in its assortment.

The company's sales strategy provides the solid base on which much of today's success is founded; while its long term objective focuses on the presence into the emerging markets and on the constant development of innovative products.

A unique delivery plan is designed for each destination after examining all transportation alternatives (vessel, rail or truck), securing cost effective and on-time deliveries.

Special arrangements are also made for short notice and partial deliveries, in cooperation with logistic companies, available in specific European countries.

Rasmelo's products are sourced from reputable suppliers. All processing facilities are audited on a regular basis, while multiple checks are made on all products. On site fully equipped laboratories ensure the quality of all intermediate and final products.